What Is HC License

The full form of an HC license is Heavy Combination vehicle license. This is a license issued to people who drive heavy vehicles, these licenses allow the drivers to drive the prime movers with attached single semi-trailer and also heavy vehicles that have a Gross Vehicle Mass of at least 9000kgs as well. There are some rules and regulations before the drivers get this license and these are that for a person to have issued a HC license, he needs to have a Car (C class) license for at least 3 years before they try to get the HC license at all. They should also have a medium rigid or a (MR class) license or an HR license for at least a year before they apply for getting the HC license as well then. 

Once you get the HC or the MR license, or you can say that the day you complete both of the above mentioned rules and regulations, you have to begin learning how to drive some HC class combination vehicles as well, as now is the time when they will be allowed to drive these cars that can carry such heavy weight. These are not allowed to be driven normally because of the risk that they bear as they can be harmful to the traffic and the roads and the assets on the outside area as well.

For truck licence Mona Vale these cars, one has to be accompanied by a supervisor as well. This supervisor should be a licensed in having known how to drive and to help instruct people how to drive the HC class drive. The supervisor should have the HC driver’s license for at least 4 years. And for you to start learning how to drive a HC class drive, one should first place ‘L’ on their back of the car so that the nearby people are aware and are extra careful while they drive near them as well. This is to make sure that the driver who is new to driving an G+HC class drive car, can make a mistake as he is new to driving that kind of a car and is bound to have made some mistakes and so people would stay safe and away from the truck or the car that is so heavy that it might cause harm, a lot of harm just to be accurate, if it is not well cared of in this manner and so this ‘L’ at the back and at the front of the cars too in some cases, is helpful for the traffic and the other cars that are driving and are being driven alongside the road as well.